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How Solar

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How Solar Works


The Sun Rises and

The sun provides free energy every day in the form of sunlight.


Solar Panels Gather

Solar panels absorb the sunlight and turn it directly into electricity.


Inverters Convert

Solar panels produce DC electricity and your home uses AC electricity. Inverters convert the DC into AC so your home can use it.


Electricity Travels
to Your Home

The electricity is sent directly to your home and powers all of your appliances.


Credits are

When you produce more electricity than you use, any extra will then flow back out to the grid. Your meter will actually spin backwards and earn you credits.


Savings are Earned

Credits are extra savings when you produce more electricity than you use. The credits earned are reflected on your monthly utility bill. In other words, the utility company pays you.

What Solar Costs

Thanks to innovations in manufacturing and technology - coupled with our financing options and the 30% federal tax credit; it's both easy and affordable to go solar with RisingSun EPC.

Custom Solar

Solar power is not one size fits all - it's very important to us that we propose a solar energy system to meet your goals and needs. Getting a solar panel installation price estimate and custom drawing is easy with RisingSun!

Sample Monthly

When we meet with you we’ll provide you with custom month by month production estimate. The projected savings above are calculated using historical weather patterns in your area, solar system size, panel orientation, and roof pitch.

Sample Solar

Just looking for ballpark solar panel system pricing? For a 4-bedroom home with a current electricity bill of $125 per month, we might recommend an average sized 7.5 KW solar system.

Frequently Asked Questions

This can really only be answered during a solar consultation because every home is different. During our free solar consultations we will leave you with a proposal that will include everything you need to make an educated decision.

We won't know exactly how much we can save you until we meet with you and look at your current bills and other factors. A typical customer can save well over $50,000, which includes the cost of the system, throughout just the warranty period.

No! We've partnered with industry leading lenders to help our customers take advantage of solar with zero down, and a small, fixed monthly payment. Solar will pay for itself every single month.

There are many factors that are causing our electric rates to rise so rapidly. The main reason is the fact that we are HEAVILY dependent on coal in Missouri and Kansas. In Missouri we get approximately 85% of our electricity from coal fired generators compared to the 55% national average. The EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, has set tighter regulations on reducing CO2 emissions which is forcing the utility companies to spend millions to either build new facilities or refurbish existing coal fired generators to lower their emissions. These costs are passed on to us.

We use highly efficient software that allows us to locate your home on a map and see exactly how many annual Kilowatt Hours we can expect to save you based off of historical weather patterns, the direction the panels will be facing, and the size of the proposed system.

The ITC or Federal Investment Tax Credit is an incentive for home and business owners to invest in solar which accounts for 30% of the total cost of the system.

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